Silencing Your Inner Saboteur

Stop Writer's Block and Imposter Syndrome before they start

You've figured out how to get yourself out of that corner you've written yourself into, and you still can't write.

You know what you need to write next, but you still can't write.

Every time you sit down to write and you think to yourself it isn't good enough, you don't know what you're doing, so you DON'T write.

You've received great feedback on your writing, even a contract or two, but secretly you're terrified that They are going to find out you really aren't a good writer. 

Procrastination, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome are inevitable, but they don't have to stop you from writing. 

Get Sherry's books Silencing Your Inner Saboteur and Blueprint for Writing Success and the ENTIRE THIRD MODULE on Silencing Your Inner Saboteur from Sherry's signature program, The Daring Writer. 

In this course you will:
  • Identify what the Inner Saboteur is
  • Identify where your Inner Saboteur comes from
  • Recognize the fears your Inner Saboteur creates in you
  • Understand why the Inner Saboteur creates these fears
  • Know how to manage and silence these fears
  • Identify the sweet nothings your Inner Saboteur uses on you to stop you
  • Recognize the excuses your Inner Saboteur wants you to use
  • ...and more 

Have the tools you need to Identify your Inner Saboteur, know the fears and self-doubts it creates, recognize the excuses it gives you, learn the methods to silence it so you can put an end to writer's block and successfully write, edit, and publish either traditionally or independantly.  

A $147 value for only $37.


If we haven’t met before, I’m Sherry, Your Novel Writing Coach. I love to support writers just like you to unlock their full creative genius so they can write the stories they need to write, grow their readership, and level up their publishing game, without guilt, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome.

I am an award winning author. I coach and mentor writers through the process of writing their novel, eliminating their fears, learning to embrace the editing process, and to submit their work to editors and agents, or to publish it themselves, with confidence.

I believe that it is time we stop fearing telling our stories. They need to be told. People need to read them.

Whew, that’s the serious stuff. I’m also an unapologetic sports fan, total nerdy geek-girl, and you know I’ve got to say it, proud dog mom to Ebby, my bichon-toy poodle. 

Course Pricing

  • Silencing Your Inner Saboteur
  • $37 USD

    Silencing Your Inner Saboteur Full-Pay

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  • EBOOK: Silencing Your Inner Saboteur (Value $27.)
  • EBOOK: Blueprint for Writing Success (Value $27)
  • THE DARING WRITER MODULE 3: Silenencing Your Inner Saboter (Value: $97)