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The Business of Writing

and get your burning questions about publishing answered so you can build the Writing Life you dream of!

Here's a special message for every writer who needs to know their publishing options, but can't get the real, honest answers they need. 

I recently attended a webinar to promote an online course that promised to teach how to write and publish a New York Times Bestseller.

If you've been around me for any amount of time, you know I say there are no guarantees in publishing but you can set yourself up for the success you want. So of course I had to see what this webinar was about. Did they really have the key to being a New York Times Bestseller? And if so, how do they teach it?

Not only did they not have the secret figured out, a lot of the information given out was misleading, inaccurate, and irrelevant to the non-famous, which was everyone attending.

I'm not going to sugar-coat things. I find it incredibly frustrating that people make these kinds of promises. "Pay me money and you'll be a New York Times Bestseller." Promises they can't keep, and so many writers believe it.

There is a reason I say there are no guarantees but you can set yourself up for success, and it goes well beyond not being able to control other people's opinions and tastes and timing. It has to do with understanding the writing and publishing industries and the ins and outs of how it all works.

After that webinar and after being a part of many Facebook groups where questions about the industry. keep coming up, and erroneous or misleading and inaccurate information is given, it is time to pull back the curtain, let you know everything I know and have learned about the industry over the years.

The purpose of The Business of Writing and all the bonuses I'm offering is to remove the questions about the industry, which path is best for you, and to give you the clarity you need as you write, to make the best decision for you and the stories you write.

  • No more debating whether to try getting traditionally published or publishing your book yourself  
  • No more wondering how the writing and publishing industry works  
  • Know exactly how, when, and where you should be spending your money to get published. And how to make money as an author

From Sherry Peters
Manitoba, Canada  

Dear friend,  

I can't believe the false promises out there eager to take advantage of writers who just want to see their stories in print.

Write a book a month, even if you've never written before!  

What? really

Follow my methods and you too can be a New York Times Bestseller even if no one has ever heard of you before!

Are you sure about that?

Pay us $500 to read your manuscript and decide if we want to publish you. Oh, and pay for the editor and printing costs, and we'll give you a 20% royalty!

What happens to the rest of the money they make off my books? And why am I paying for all the work and they're keeping the money?

I've seen all of these, and more, and I can't believe they're still out there. And I know a thing or three about publishing.

Hi, I'm Sherry Peters, Award Winning Author, Novel Writing Coach and Mentor.

I guide writers through the process of writing their novel, teach them the beauty of the editing process, and give them the confidence to either submit to agents and editors, or publish their book themselves.

I give writers just like you, the tools to master your own writing process so that you can put the words on the page, edit them, and send them out without the dread or anxiety of having to write after another stressful day, or the feeling of having failed after putting off your writing for yet another day.

With a Master’s degree in Writing Popular Fiction and as a graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop (by the way, did you know that 59% of Odyssey graduates go on to publish? and I did! FIVE TIMES!). My novel, Mabel the Lovelorn Dwarf won the 2014 Writer’s Digest Self-Published E-Book Award. Along the way, I experienced a lot of doubt, rejection, and writer’s block which pushed me to figure out how to get through it all to meet my deadlines. What I coach and teach are all tools and tricks I’ve used on myself first, so I know they work.

I've run the industry gauntlet for all five books I've published, and on the several I haven't yet. It is my mission to make navigating the industry easier and transparent for writers eager to publish, so they don't get caught up in scams or so overwhelmed they walk away all together.

Let me share a quick story with you

There I was, a struggling writer trying to break into publishing with a first draft of a novel.

The thing is, at the time I was facing down the rejection and doubts about being good enough, if I even knew how to write.

The problem was that I was letting the questions, the mystery, around the business of writing and publishing stop me. It loomed large, overwhelmed me, and I didn't know how to get the answers I needed.

That meant I stopped writing for long stretches of time and I felt miserable.

I dreaded sitting down to write because I questioned and second guessed every choice I made..

I decided I needed answers so that I could figure out what I wanted and how I was going to get there. About querying agents, writing the synopsis, what to look for in agents and publishers, building my author platform, and about all my printing and publishing options.

Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to take control of my own writing life to define my own writing path and my success., because I saw I could write the stories I wanted to write, focus on the writing and enjoy it again, because I knew the options I had with each story, whether it was better suited for traditional or self publishing, and each step I needed to take to get there.

My plan was to decide whether the story I was writing was better suited for traditional publishing or self-publishing.. So, I started researching the kinds of books that succeed in self-publishing and those that succeed through traditional publishing..

I didn't stop there. After deciding to self-publish, I researched whether I wanted to sell ebooks only, or both ebook and print books and how to go about creating, formatting, and selling both.

After that, I hired an editor, hired a cover artist, edited my book and started selling my new book!

Bottom line: In the end I had the control. I chose the path I wanted. I didn't have to rely on the subjectivity of the opinions of agents and editors..

Building on that success, I decided to share it with other writers so that they don't have to feel the same stress and overwhelm that I did.
I call it "The Business of Writing".

With the tools and reources inside The Business of Writing, I know I have the answers I need.

whenever I'm writing and the anxiety and doubt of whether the book is or will be good enough or marketable enough, I go through the same process over again, researching, deciding what are the best publishing options for the book when it is done. Then I set the options aside and am free to write. I re-evaluate the options every now and then to see if they need to change, and to remind myself that success is within reach.

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!

Let me introduce you to "The Business of Writing" which helps you with resources and tools to understand all areas of publishing. 

The Business of Writing" makes it simple for you to:

  • Find the right agents and publishing houses to submit to
  • Write a query letter and synopsis
  • Build your author platform
  • Decide if you want to self-publish or traditionally publish
  • Spot the scammers so you don't waste money on the promise of false results... 

... and much, MUCH more!

And what makes this even better?

Now you never have to worry about believing that either traditional publishing OR self-publishing is the ONLY option you have. again!

Which also means you're not stuck feeling like you will face endless rejection and a lack of sales which will make you want to quit writing all together.

And best of all...]you'll start seeing results with "The Business of Writing" in about an hour and it costs Less than a fancy coffee at Starbucks.  So again, if you're a a new author who wants to publish their book, understand this: 

  • getting the answers to your burning questions about the business of writing will free you to write your book now, not in six months or a year from now.... 
  • you have a story inside you that needs to be written, and it is your duty to write that story. Someone out there NEEDS to read your story.... 
  • you will save months of searching the internet, hours of sifting through sketchy answers and articles, and possibly thousands of dollars for reading fees and other scammers ready to take advantage of keen authors like you.... 

And "The Business of Writing" holds the key to your success with learning about the publishing industry and how to make money as a writer.

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What you Get When you buy The Business of Writing

  • The Business of Writing ebook (Available March 31, 2022) ($47.00 Value)  
  • BONUS #1: The Business of Writing Training (Available March 31, 2022) - (Value: $197) 
  • Bonus #2: The Essential Guide To Writing Training (Available March 31, 2022) - ($197 Value) 
  • Bonus #3: Instant Access to Sherry's Spark your Creativity Journal Bundle of 4 PDF Journals ($97.00 Value)
Total Value: $538.00
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FOR ONLY: $9.99

 "I was depressed and totally unmotivated in my writing. I’d suffered two big disappointments and felt like I was going backwards instead of forwards. Sherry gently, but firmly, took me in hand and gave me the support, advice, discipline, and strategies I needed to getting going again. Sherry is generous and responsive. She’s also a lot of fun. I highly recommend her if you want a writing coach who really cares about your work and your process." 


 "After working with Sherry, I feel more confident, more motivated and more excited to write. I’m better able to focus on the joys of my career and more optimistic about my writing direction. She helped me to examine my priorities and made me accountable for my progress. Sherry’s coaching has given me a strong boost in the right direction as an author, and the new novel I was intimidated to start is already well under way!

E.C. Ambrose
Author of The Dark Apostle series published by DAW Books

Here's What's Inside

Why keep it a secret when I'm super excited to share this with you? Here are some of the topics covered inside The Business of Writing

$47 Value

  • Why it is important to know about the publishing industry and the business of writing even if you're not ready to publish
  • The Three Streams of Publishing - what are they, which one is best suited to you and what you write - and the scams to watch out for
  • Your Author Platform - What it is, why you need one, and how to build it
  • The Money - how to earn it, and when to spend it, including advances, royalties, and expenses
  • Why you should consider getting traditionally published, and why you might not want to
  • How to go about getting traditionally published
  • Agents - Why you need one and how to find one
  • Writing the query letter and the synopsis
  • Why you should consider self-publishing, and why you might not want to
  • Print books and ebooks - Where to get them and the best ways to sell them
  • Book Covers and Book Design - Do it yourself or hire out
  • Marketing techniques for the self-published author
  • What it means to be a Hybrid Author
  • ... and more

Act Now And Get These Incredible Bonuses...

Bonus #1: The Business of Writing Training​​​​

$197 Value

I'm not going to leave you hanging, just hand you a book and say, "here, read this and away you go." No. That's not my style. So I've taken key elements from each section of The Business of Writing, and I walk you through examples and give you worksheets to practice on. Whether you choose to get traditionally published or to do it yourself, each of these elements will come into play as you prepare to publish and market your books.

By the end of this training, you will have a draft of each of the following:

  • Writing the Query Letter
  • Writing the Synopsis
  • Perfecting the Pitch
  • Tracking submissions
  • Beyond a free story - Building your email list
  • Building your author platform
  • ... and more

Bonus #2: The Essential Guide to Writing Training​​​

$197 Value

Whether you're trying your hand at writing for the first time, or starting your twentieth novel, there are six essential questions every writer needs to consider. If we don't have the answer to these questions, we don't write. Or when we do, it is way more difficult than it needs to be, and we second guess ourselves through the entire process. In this training, I walk you through the six essential questions, and show you how to answer them for yourself -- the first time, and every time.

By the end of this training, you will know how to answer each of these questions the first time and every time you write a new story, eliminating hours, weeks, and even months of delays waiting for inspiration to strike.

  • To outline or not to outline before you start writing 
  • Do you need to know the beginning, middle, and end before you start
  • Writing in chronologically v. writing out of order
  • How many characters should have a point of view
  • Getting that first sentence and the first page just right
  • Where the story starts and where it ends

Bonus #3: Spark Your Creativity Journal Ebook Bundle​​​

$97 Value

I created these journals for writers like you (and me), who want a place to write out our thoughts for the day and find some inspiration and motivation to keep writing.  

I have broken up the journal pages into twelve weeks, with three pages for journalling for each day.  Each week is separated by a motivational quote. On the back of that quote is a journalling prompt related to that quote. They are there to inspire your journalling for that week.  

Use the quotes and prompts as you wish. Above all, it is my greatest wish that this journal helps you get the words on the page, polish them up, and send them out, so you can achieve your writing dreams!  

These four journals take you through one year of journalling, writing, and sparking your creativity.

Inside you will find quotes like:

  • The best thing to do is just start 
  • One word, one sentence, one paragraph at a time 
  • My path to success is my own 
  • I succeed when I focus on what I control 
  • Remember why I want to write 
  • If it were easy, everyone would be doing it 
  • It is time for the stories inside me to be written 
  • Expressing myself creatively is self-care 
  • I am worthy of taking time for myself

I have seen far too many writers eager to see their work in print get taken advantage of.

There are the publishers with "creative accounting" so that they don't have to pay their authors. Yes, they have been called out but often too late.

There are the vanity presses that ask for a reading fee to decide if they will publish you, then make you pay for editing and printing and all kinds of other costs, and make it sound like they are doing you a favour by giving you an ISBN number and a royalty. I was speaking with a woman not long ago about her writing. She had stopped writing and seeking publication because of the cost. I explained exactly what I explain in greater detail in this book, why that is not how real publishing works and why that is a scam.

I see the courses and people calling themselves coaches, promise writers that they will be a best seller if they just follow their method. I've seen them promote their courses that even if you've never written a book before, following their method, you can write a book a month. That is their method, not yours.

In The Business of Writing, I give you the tools and the resources you need to make the decisions best for you and your writing. When you have the right knowledge, you can make informed decisions and you will be free to write the story inside you.

It is your duty to write that story.

Don't let the publishing industry and the business of writing be what gets in your way.

Here's a Quick Re-Cap of what you get when you buy
The Business of Writing

  • The Business of Writing ebook (Available March 31, 2022) - ($47 Value)  
  • BONUS #1: The Business of Writing Training (Available March 31, 2022) - (Value: $197) 
  • Bonus #2: The Essential Guide To Writing Training (Available March 31, 2022) - ($197 Value) 
  • Bonus #3: Instant Access to Sherry's Spark your Creativity Journal Bundle of 4 PDF Journals - ($97 Value)  

                                                                TOTAL VALUE: $538

                                                   YOURS TODAY FOR JUST $9.99            

Here's to your publishing success!

And as always...

Happy Writing!

Sherry Peters  

PS - If you're a new author who wants to publish your book, then The Business of Writing is the solution you've been looking for... let's get started today!