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For writers who want to go from “Maybe later” to “Don’t interrupt me, I’m writing!” 

What’s Inside The Daring Writer

Module 1:
a Snapshot of you

Module 1 is all about getting clarity and understanding of who you are, what you want, and why you want it. This is the solid foundation you need as you begin this journey of building your writing life. We will take inventory of where you are now. Then you will decide where you want to end up, and finally you will get a picture of what your ideal writing life looks like. We’ll look at why you want what you want. All the reasons you have for wanting that writing life you envision for yourself. All the reasons pushing you toward that end goal. And finally we’ll take a deeper look at who you are now, and who you need to be.


  • Identify and fill in the details of what your ideal writing life is and looks like 
  • Strengthen your motivation to write 
  • The characteristics, habits, and thought patterns you need 

Module 2:
Setting Things In Motion

Module 2 is all about taking those first steps on our path to our ideal writing life. We’re going to set our writing goals, look at what we need to do to achieve them, and setting an achievable yet challenging timeframe to achieve your goals. Then we'll go into tracking our word counts, time usage, and making ourselves and our writing a priority.  We'll follow that by talking about accountability: why we need it, and how to have the accountability we need to meet our goals and deadlines, from others, and ourselves. And finally we’re going to talk about a writing mindset, why it is so difficult for us to get into, and develop some tools to help make that transition easier.  


  • Setting Achievable and Exceedable goals 
  • Writing process customized to your specific situation and needs 
  • Support systems and accountability 

Module 3:
Silencing Your Inner Saboteur

Module 3 is a dive deep into the workings of the inner saboteur. We will develop tools for our tool box to identify the saboteur and eliminate it and our fears that have derailed us for long enough.  We will identify the inner saboteur, what it is, what it isn’t, and where it comes from. We'll identify the tricks the saboteur uses to stop us from pursuing our dreams, including fear, sweet nothings, and excuses. Most imporatnly, we will develop the tools to silence the Saboteur.


  • Fears created by the Inner Saboteur 
  • How our Saboteur gets in our way, the tricks it uses 
  • Tools to silence your Inner Saboteur 

Module 4:
Moving Forward

Module 4 is about re-building our love of writing and put everything we have learned into a plan, so that you will succeed at putting the words on the page, polishing them up, and sending them out, every time. We will have a new understanding of our new, mature relationship with writing. We will challenge ourselves to continually grow as writers. And we will set our writing life into motion.


  • How our relationship with writing has changed 
  • Challenge ourselves to continue our growth 
  • Tools to embrace the editing process 

Daring Writer Community

In order to achieve true writing success, you absolutely need accountability. And that’s why I made sure to include it. The Daring Writer Community is a six-month online community where you can connect with other Daring Writers. We will claim our goals, hold each other accountable. And I will be in there with you. There will be weekly writing hours, mini writing retreats, and “Salons” where we talk about our writing and writing issues.


  • Writing evenings and retreats 
  • “Salons” to discuss writing topics 
  • Occasional hot-seats 
  • Supportive Accountability 

 "I was depressed and totally unmotivated in my writing. I’d suffered two big disappointments and felt like I was going backwards instead of forwards. Sherry gently, but firmly, took me in hand and gave me the support, advice, discipline, and strategies I needed to getting going again. Sherry is generous and responsive. She’s also a lot of fun. I highly recommend her if you want a writing coach who really cares about your work and your process." 


 "After working with Sherry, I feel more confident, more motivated and more excited to write. I’m better able to focus on the joys of my career and more optimistic about my writing direction. She helped me to examine my priorities and made me accountable for my progress. Sherry’s coaching has given me a strong boost in the right direction as an author, and the new novel I was intimidated to start is already well under way!

E.C. Ambrose
Author of The Dark Apostle series published by DAW Books

Want to know more about your writing coach and cheerleader, Sherry?

Sherry Peters

Author, Novel Writing Coach & Mentor

I’m an unapologetic sports fan and nerdy-geek-girl. Office supplies and books are my love language, and you know I gotta tell you about my adorable bichon-toy poodle Ebby, just the sweetest dog ever!

 I’ve been there. I’ve had burnout from work and writing was the last thing I had the mental energy for when I’d get home. I’ve had those rejections and comments from other writers that made me question whether I had what it takes, whether I should even bother.  

I quit writing, for an hour, because quitting broke me more than the pain of rejection, the fear, and the self-doubt.  

I put in the work. I took workshops, graduated with an M.A. in Writing popular fiction, and I figured out how to get through it all. But I had to do it on my own.  

When I launched my first novel, when I had a reader tell me my book helped her through the dark nights, I knew this was what I was meant to do.  

My training as a coach gave me a different perspective to my own experiences as a writer, which I saw everyone else experiencing and not getting the help they needed.  

I believe that it is time we stop fearing telling our stories. They need to be told. People need to read them. I am here to help you do just that. 

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For writers who want to go from “Maybe later” to “Don’t interrupt me, I’m writing!”